Industrial Dishwasher Repairs

We do a large variety of industrial appliance service and maintenance in Cape Town. We provide
professional repairs with a rapid response time. We repair anything from catering equipment to small
and large industrial appliances.

Things to note!

These are just a few important things to note when it comes to your industrial dishwasher problems.
Always be sure to read the manual if an error code appears on the dishwasher. If you’re not able to
disable the error call us for assistance immediately, don’t wait for or operate it whilst errors are being

Industrial Dishwasher Repairs

Whether you run a small catering business or a large restaurant we understand the importants to why
industrial dishwashers need to be repaired rapidly . Fortunately at Appliance Repairs Cape Town we
provide super quick repairs when it comes to industrial dishwashers .

When Should you call for Dishwasher repairs?

Often times businesses don’t know what to look out for when it comes to industrial appliances
(especially) industrial dishwashers. We can’t stress enough about how important it is to carry out
repairs precisely. Targeting all related issues at once or monthly maintenance plans is always the best
solution .

• If water is leaking from the Industrial Dishwasher
• If The industrial dishwasher won’t drain properly
• If the industrial dishwasher wont switch on, even though there is power connected to it
• If the industrial dishwasher wont clean the dishes correctly
• Funny noises coming from the motor of the dishwasher.
• Unusual noises coming from the industrial dishwasher
• Loose power cables running to the dishwasher

What can go wrong?

If you run any industrial appliance on a daily basis , a lot can go wrong without notice. When it concerns
industrial dishwashers there are many operating faults that can arise by the operator of the industrial
dishwasher. A lack of general service of which the operator is responsible for is 90% of the time the main
cause to why parts are breaking on the industrial dishwasher.
• Motors
• Valves
• Pipes
• Buttons
• Power cords
• Etc…

If you have any questions relating to your industrial appliances don’t think twice to give us a ring
or E-mail us below to receive your first super quick service set up.

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