Appliance Guarantee

This is the Guarantee, Warranty of Appliance Repairs Cape Town
Appliance Damage Appliance Guarantee Appliance Warranty Refunds

Appliance Damage

Appliance Repairs Cape Town, will not be responsible for the following damages:

Cosmetic damage whilst carrying out repairs

Food or stock due to a late part arrivals

damage due to Third Party involvements


problems not associated with repair work carried out. 

Appliance Guarantee

Appliance Repairs Cape Town provides there customers with up to seven- days on all repairs carried out. which includes but not limited to parts, return fees and work. The customer will be provided with a job number, hand written receipt and E-mail attachment if necessary. Appliance Repairs Cape Town will provide follow up dates within no later than Seven-days after the customer complaint has been filed.   

Appliance Repairs Cape Town will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to appliances whilst work is being carried out. Customers, (clients) person’s will need to be present when repair work is commenced. The Guarantee will not cover the initial Call Out Fee’s. Customers, (Clients) will forfeit there Guarantee if they post unnecessary negative feedback about Appliance Repairs Cape Town via social media platforms whilst waiting for follow up services. If Appliance Repairs Cape Town fail to follow up within the Seven-day said period only then may the customer post on social media.

Appliance Warranty

We provide our customers with a six month service warranty Plan.

A Monthly Service Call Out plan will be presented to the customer once the Job is complete


A complete refund for work and parts will be applied if Appliance Repairs Cape Town breech the Guarantee conditions set by Appliance Repairs Cape Town.