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Appliance Repairs Cape Town, offers quality Bosch repairs. with fast service you don’t need to go out and buy new Bosch appliances. Appliance Repairs Cape Town repair Bosch fridges, freezers, washers, ovens dryers, microwaves, air-conditioners, and industrial.  

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Appliance Repairs Cape Town, offers quality Bosch parts. with fast service you don’t need to go out looking for Bosch spares or parts. Appliance Repairs Cape Town supply parts for Bosch fridges, freezers, ovens washers, dryers, microwaves, air-conditioners, and industrial.  

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Bosch Dishwashers

Are you having problems with your dishwasher and don’t know how to solve them?

Sometimes these inconveniences can be fixed easily by doing some routine maintenance tasks on your dishwasher. Follow these troubleshooting tips if you’re having common dishwasher problems:

Cleaning and descaling your dishwasher a few times a year will help remove greasy residues and hard water buildup and help improve cleaning efficiency. Learn more here.

Maximize drying by using rinse aid and selecting the ‘Extra Dry’ option. Learn more here.

Clean your filter regularly to help improve cleaning. Learn more here.

Load the dishes properly ensuring there’s adequate space between items. Also, check to see if the spray arms can move freely after loading the dishwasher.

No need to pre-rinse dishes before loading. Just make sure the food is scraped off the dishware. Detergent needs small food debris to cling to in order to work properly.

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